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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good News, Veteran's Day, and Fantasies


It's generally a good day today. We got the results back from Alex's analysis and it was mostly good news. A couple things were below normal, but one abnormality was actually canceled out by another factor that was above normal. The other is not something that is uncommon and not something that will keep us from getting pregnant. We were told the doc will discuss our options at our next visit on the 17th.

My cramps ended up continuing so it's pretty definite that this time was a no-go. AF isn't here yet, but she's packing her bags. I did a count though and if AF arrives next week and I get pregnant this cycle, we'll reach 40 weeks about a week before the wedding. I read that most births happen between 36-38 weeks. However, I'm not sure if statistics are up due to inductions. That would be good to have the baby around 37 weeks, because I definitely couldn't have her late.

My cold is finally starting to let go of me. Been sick since last Friday. I slept through the night for the first time in over a week. It was great! I didn't wake up once. Oddly enough, it was also the first night I didn't take medicine before bed. Perhaps they're not as helpful as I previously thought.

It's also Veteran's Day today, a day set aside to remind us thank our service people for protecting our freedoms...and our oil...and other countries. Anyways, perhaps it should be a semi-annual occurrence since too often people forget the other 364 days of the year. For all they do, surely 2 days isn't asking too much.

There was a service at work held today. So there were quite a few men in uniform around. Back in the day, this would have meant tons of eye candy. Interestingly enough, I learned just how attracted to my man I am. There was a line of about seven or eight of these guys leaning on a railing, looking dashing. As I looked at them, I had only one thought, "Man, Alex would look good in one of those uniforms." :)

That reminded me, I caught the end of the Tyra Show and they were discussing sexual fantasies. Apparently, the profession most often fantasized about by women is a fireman. I guess because of the whole damsel in distress/whit knight complex. However, I can honestly say I have never fantasized about a fireman. I think the whole uniform and charred skin just does not do it for me. I don't know. 

Tyra was surprised to learn that the naughty situation most often fantasized about by women was to perform a dirty striptease. She thought it was wrong to have a woman's fantasy be about pleasing a guy, but she's thinking about it wrong. It's not about pleasing a guy. It's about being dominant and being desirable. The women who are strippers know how to work their body and they exude confidence. It may be pleasing to the men, but the girl is in control. It's definitely easy to understand a woman fantasizing about having that siren-like moment. Most women are not confident about their bodies so it's a fantasy to be able to feel confident and desirable to such a degree that their men is completely in their control.What women would not want that?

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