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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Great Mother-Daughter Day

A while back, mom invited me out for a mother-daughter day. She offered to take us to a spa for a massage. Naturally, I love Spa Visage, but I didn't think there was any chance of us getting in on that day. She gave them a call and got us both in for a 90-minute massage. I was super stoked! 

So we headed up to Spa Visage. Upon our arrival, we went through the usual start up. Shown into the dressing area, given shoes, a robe, and shown a locker to put our stuff in. I love their dressing area. It's as lovely as the rest of the place.

After putting on my robe, I headed into the Gathering Room, a cozy room with soft lighting and soft music. Mom was already there. I grabbed a small glass of lemon water and sat down to wait on my masseuse. She arrived shortly. Her name was Lori McNabb (spelling might be wrong) and she seemed very pleasant. We headed to one of the rooms and she asked me the standard questions: What kind of massage do you prefer? Any place you want extra work done on? Any places to avoid? I told her about how every massage has always left me with a hurt lower neck. So she said she would avoid that area. Then she left so I could get disrobed and climb up on their wonderfully cushy table.  

While massages are always good, she gave the best one EVER! I mean really! And not just because it was the first time I had ever made it through a massage without getting hurt. She really did do an amazing job. Also, something she used had lemon grass in it and I really liked that. 

The only draw back was that about halfway though, out of nowhere some insanely loud noise started up. I don't know what it was or where it was coming from. It sounded like some major machinery starting up in the next room or something. That made it kind of hard to enjoy my relaxing experience, but I definitely tried hard to block it from my brain.

As before, after the massage I got dressed and Lori was waiting right outside the door with a cup of water. I love that gesture. It really is little things like that that make a business stand out. She led me back to the Gathering Room and from there I went back to the dressing area. I got dressed and fixed my hair. Then Mom and I headed out.

I asked if we could head over to Market Square because there was a store that I wanted to go in. The only time I'm ever in the area is to see Einstein Simplified and at that time the store is closed. My friend A was the one who had told me about it and actually pointed it out the first night we were up there. It's called  Reruns and it's a "vintage" consignment shop. I put vintage in quotes, because very little of the products could actually be considered vintage. Also, for a consignment shop, their prices are a little on the steep side. I'm not paying $20 for a pair of old jeans. I can get new jeans for that. Anyways,...

We walked around and checked out a couple of other shops and then decided to have some lunch. Our restaurant of choice was The Tomato Head. Mom decided on a slice of pizza and I chose a sandwich, the one named after the restaurant, Tomato Head, but without the tomatoes. It's really fun as a female to say, "I just want Head."

There was a small band playing outside. I wish I would have found out some information on them so I could tell you something. I know nothing other than they were playing in front of The Tomato Head on a Wednesday afternoon. Maybe you can catch them there at the time again. I don't know. They all brought their dogs with them. I have no idea why. One girl was playing the saw and I thought that was awesome! I had never seen it done. I knew it could be, but that was the first time I'd seen or heard it in person.

Wonderful lunch in our tummies, we headed home. It was a great day and I definitely thank my mom since she paid for everything. It was only a few weeks back, but I'm definitely thinking I would love to head back to the spa, especially now since I found a masseuse that won't leave me in pain. But alas, I have no money of my own and any money we do have needs to be saved for the wedding. 

Speaking of the wedding, I have an upcoming blog that will showcase the place we're getting married at. It's fantastic and you won't want to miss it!

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