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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good Things To Come?


Well, I may have had a good sign. Last night when I laid down to go to bed, I started cramping, but it wasn't like normal AF cramps. It was sharp and only lasted a few minutes. I had them again this morning. I haven't had them again since.

According to my "My Days" app, I'm only 3 days away from AF, but that is if my cycle goes 35 days. Last cycle was 41 days. Considering I haven't had any other cramping, I believe it is safe to say my cycle will be longer than 35 days. I normally cramp around 5 days leading up to AF.

It also shows yesterday to be 10dpo. That's around the time that implantation occurs. Implantation cramping is described as a slight, but brief cramping, lasting no more than 2 days. Now, it's true that our chances are slim this cycle, but I can't help but at least give a shot at optimism. Even though we only have a slim chance, that chance is still higher than on any previous attempt.

Assuming that AF doesn't show, I plan to take my pregnancy test at 18dpo. I really want to add "and not a day sooner," but I can't guarantee that. That would be November 15th, two days before our return visit to the fertility doctor. A week from today. Can I survive 7 days? Probably not. Insanity seems imminent, but alas, I shall try.

There's also another wait Alex and I are in, though unlike the 2ww it's an outcome he actually cares about. He had an interview last week that went well. He was told he would hear from them by the end of this week. What a dream come true that would be! He would finally be away from his under-paying, over-working, life-draining job. We'd be able to have a romantic night together without his phone blowing up due to calls and e-mails. We could go on a vacation and actually BE ON VACATION! The last vacation we went on, a week in Disney World, he was still being e-mailed and expected to fix things...from 14 hours away, ON VACATION! I took him to a cabin for a romantic weekend one time. A mere two nights away and he was getting e-mailed and had to fix things.
I think I will enjoy working there after he leaves, just because I'll get to see the IT department implode. No one will be able to call him. No one else knows what to do. Quite a few of the reports they have set up are ones that he wrote. They won't know how to update it when prices chance. Errors will start appearing all over the place and it will suddenly be obvious exactly how over-worked, under-paid, and definitely under-appreciated Alex was, not to mention how incapable and unwilling to learn his employees are. Yes, that will be enjoyable to witness. 

I was just thinking...the phone he has is a company phone. I have an extra line on my plan. He should take that line and that number so the random folks from here who have his current number won't be able to reach him. I think I will tell him that when I see him in a bit.

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