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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Son Of A....Alex?

I managed to snag myself a cold Friday. I think it was when I was walking to the car after leaving work. It sucks. I get this cold generally once a season. I just had it in September. I normally am fine until late December or early January. Ugh!

Yesterday, we went to the 7 Mile Yardsale on 411. It was a lot of fun. We picked up quite a few teacups and tea accessories for wedding decor. I think we spent a whopping $13. I also got a water urn that I LOVE! It was my favorite piece. Here's a couple pics:

Needless to say, being out in the yuckiness and cold that was yesterday did not improve my cold any. I actually ended up gaining a fever and, man, it did a number on my dreams last night.

Many things went on, including being at a formal dinner with my Grandma and her talking about how disappointed she was that none of her offspring took up a salt-water aquarium. There was another dinner, at IHOP, where we were to celebrate the wedding of my former brother-in-law and his bride. IHOP was in my dream before that, as well, when Alex pointed one out to me and wanted to eat there.

The craziest part(s) was all about Alex though. We were at a party, chatting about something and he somehow let it slip that he had a three year old son. I was obviously shocked. I was like, "What? You have a son? With who?" People at the party thought I was over-reacting since it was a relationship from the past and that he was now with me. I didn't care about that. I said, "That doesn't matter! We've been together for over a year and he never told me had a son!" (The kid was always referred to as son, never child or kid.) Alex told me it was with a girl he had known in college; she was an RA at that time and then mentioned that she actually lived in the area she always had (by the college). 

That made me jump up. I was again like, "WHAT?!? You see them?!?" (In real life, the night before Alex had come late from helping his mom move stuff. That carried over into my dream apparently.) Then I remember his coming home late. "Is that why you were late last night? Did you go over there?" He started to lie, but then said, "Yes." I was livid!!!!

Then the scene changed and I was at a movie theater. The movie had just finished and I was trying to get out and away from Alex. People were trying to calm me down because, apparently, it was not that big of a deal. I eventually told myself that there was no way this could be real. It had to be a dream.

And I woke up. I was laying in bed, Alex next to me. Light was shining into the room, which should have told me something was not right. (We have a black out curtain in our bedroom.) I turned and looked at Alex who was awake. I asked, "Do you have a son?"and he said, "Yes." I asked, "Is that why you were late last night?" and he again said, "Yes." We went through the whole thing again. Me crying, yelling, asking "what the hell?," and him trying to explain. Once again, I convinced myself that what was going on was not real, that I had to be dreaming. 

I woke up again and was alone in the bedroom this time. I went into the living room and Alex was standing at the computer, going through some stuff. I immediately went into to my questions again. And just like before he answered yes to both my questions. At this point, I was aggravated that I wasn't waking up.
And I woke up again. For real this time, I promise. It was extremely dark in the room, but I felt Alex beside me. I checked the time on my phone. It was only 5:12am. Too early to ask him about a son. So I tried to sleep, but my cold was keeping me up. After about an hour, I grabbed up my cover and pillows and headed to the living room couch. Alex got up soon after and came in the living room to kiss me good morning. Despite the incredible pain it caused me to speak, after I got my kiss I immediately asked, "Do you have a son?" He started laughing and said, "No. Why? Did you have a dream?" I nodded yes and he asked if it was because of an episode of "Two and Half Men" that we watched where Charlie thought he had son. I said, "Maybe."

I think a large part of it was simply him coming home late last night. I was tired and had taken some cough medicine by the time he got home. So I wasn't able to be appropriately mad at him so I just did so in my dream. :)

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