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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recovering After The Storm

From 10-29-10
I'm feeling quite exhausted today. Yesterday was obviously a very emotionally trying day and I'm definitely feeling the effects today. 

Not much to report. No real changes in life since my last post (that we know of anyway). Alex and I did have a little tiff today when he mentioned possibly staying at the job he has, but getting to corporate level. I was NOT okay with that. At his current job, he gets walked all over. His pay is nowhere near what it should be considering all he does and his time is here. With that in mind, staying with this company is not the best idea, especially when we want to have a child. It would also require us to move from a seasonal tourist area to a year-long tourist area. While I would love the warmer weather and being within a few hours drive of the beach, I would not enjoy whatever degrading, demeaning, and useless job that I would have to endure. I also believe there is a larger crime rate in that state than in Tennessee. Not the best option for raising a child, assuming you have an option.

I've gotten to where I really don't like being at my job, even when I get to do office work. It's all meaningless and not fun. I miss having a job where I can laugh with people I like about life occurrences. Nowadays, the majority of people here just want to complain about how so-&-so isn't doing their job or talk about how their own job is so hard. I would never say my job is hard. It's so easy there are actually automated machines that do what I do. Hence, lack of meaning.

Think I will take a break. More to come though.

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