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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blast From the Past

I had a nice little happening at work last week. A couple came up to the area I was working and when I looked over I got quite a surprise. The guy was someone I had started dating over a year ago. It was interesting to me since this guy has disappeared off the face of the earth. Things between us had been going okay. The only issue was his slutty female friend.

My friends and I referred to her as Zoo York because every time we saw her she was wearing the same shirt, a too tight tee that had Zoo York printed on the front. She always made a show of rubbing up on my guy, grabbing his nipples, and flirting outrageously with him. She almost got her ass drug out the door and beat. My friends watched her actions one night and it was so bad that I actually just walked out. They were as livid as I was and told me to come back in because she knew it was getting to me and she liked that. And also, if I decided I wanted to kick her ass they would all back me up. 

As we were leaving the bar that night, he asked what as up with me and I told him straight up that I did not like her and they way she was with him. He needed to make her stop. He didn't see the issue, but said he would talk to her. That should have been a huge red flag waving in my face, showing me that he was not the guy for me. If a man does not care that another chick's actions upsets you, he does not care about you. A guy friend of mine hadn't trusted him from the second he met him. He told me that he had a bad feeling about the guy, that he wasn't a good guy. I really should have trusted his instincts.

Anyways, she backed off a bit (a very little bit) and just took to casting snide comments my way when he and I were together. You know the kind of comments, to the casual listener they seem innocent enough, but you hear the venom and sarcasm loud and clear. He and I were okay other wise though.

I told him I was going to be out of touch for a day or so because I was going to a friend's birthday party out of town. I told him when I would be back, he said he'd talk to me then, and off I went. Two days after I got back, I still had not heard from him so I called and left a message on his machine. After a little over a week, a friend and I went to the bar that he would go to every night after he got off work. It was actually the place where we met, where he came on to me. Anyways, he never showed and one of the waitresses who knew we'd been seeing each other said she hadn't seen him in a week. I chalked it up to a lesson learned.
At first, when I saw him at work, I wanted to just dissolve, become invisible, disappear, but unfortunately that was not an option. I know because I actually looked around for a place to disappear into despite knowing full well there was no such place in my vicinity. But then I realized, I had no reason to hide. He was the dick. I did nothing wrong.

So I stood there while he and the unattractive blond (not saying it to be spiteful; as a bi woman, I'm perfectly capable of being objective of other women and there's not enough money in the world to make me think she's mildly pretty, let alone do anything to her) he was with made their choices. As he handed me the money, I made sure to lock eyes with him. I saw the flash of recognition, but like me he kept any trace of acknowledgment off his face.
As they walked away, I just smiled and shook my head. A year ago, making a scene might have been fun, but since I'm perfectly happy doing so would have just been senseless. He is as cute as I remember, but seeing him with the girl, seeing his standards fall so low, made me glad that he disappeared from my life so long ago.

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