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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bring In The Professionals!

Well, since ranting and raving won't get me pregnant (no matter how good at it I am), we went to The Southeastern Center for Fertility and Reproductive Surgery on the 18th.

It took us a while to find the place because Google gave me the wrong address. We weren't horribly late though and we weren't scolded so I guess it was okay. We walked into a nice, moderate sized waiting room and was immediately greeted by the receptionist. She was happy to find we had all necessary paperwork filled out and ready. (Yay! Gold star for us!) She made copies of our drivers licenses, insurance card, and marriage certificate (they only treat married couples) and then had us take a seat. I was feeling a mix of nervousness and excitement as I waited, staring at the winter-scene painting hung on the wall across from me. Our wait was thankfully short.

We were led into a small exam room where a nurse asked us questions about my cycle, how long we'd been trying to conceive, and general health info. Then she took our picture...I'm not sure why. She told us the doctor would be in shortly to take us to his office and talk to us. I felt kinda like a kid waiting in the office to speak to the principle. Dr. Keener entered and introduced himself to us and, as the nurse said, led us to his office.

There was a Victorian-style love seat in front of his desk where we were to sit. I thought that was a lot better than two separate office style chairs. The patients come in as a couple and they will treat you as a couple. We spent about 15 minutes talking to him, answering his questions. He was thorough. When he asked about my BBT charting, I showed him the one I have on my phone (for all Android users, it's an app called My Days and it's great for tracking your cycle, whether trying to conceive or not). He said that judging from that it looked like I hadn't been ovulating (one of my fears). We were then led to another exam room where I was told to strip from the waste down. 

Now, I have never been to a gyno in my life. Never had insurance so I never could, not that I ever had a reason, too. So this was a whole new experience for me. Considering that, I believe I would have had every right to have been nervous and/or terrified, but I wasn't. I was scared they would find something wrong, but i was not scared of whatever unknown procedures they had planned for my nether regions. It was all a step towards the ultimate goal, getting a baby. I would have put myself through rigorous torturing if it meant I'd end up with a baby. Parents say they would do anything for the kid(s), but they're talking about the kid(s) that they have. How many would willing put themselves through hell for a kid they may or may not end up with? I do not yet have a child, but I'm already willing to do anything. There is nothing that I would not put myself through to get my child.

As it turns out though, no rigorous torturing was involved. The only pain I felt was when the doctor was standing over me, shoving his hands into my abdomen. The lower half examination was painless. I was told that my innards looked normal so that was nice. You don't get that compliment from many people. I was allowed to get dressed and then I waited for a wonderfully nice nurse who came to collect four vials of blood from me.

I was given orders to keep charting my temp and to go to a lab at my convenience for more blood work. I'm not sure why they didn't take more there, but okay. I was also given a five day pack of Clomid to induce ovulation and told to get the best ovulation predictor kit, the Clear Blue Easy Digital kind. I used to use their pregnancy version whenever I tested for pregnancy. I switched to the non-digital kind because one line was just easier to see than the "Not Pregnant" displayed digitally. I also purchased a saliva ovulation predictor kit. It has been fun to learn. I finally got it figured out.

Alex received orders to go get a semen analysis. We're waiting until after ovulation though, assuming I ovulate. If not, we'll just schedule it for a week before our next trip to the doctor's office in a few weeks. We just don't want to have him waiting for the test and then me ovulate. We would not keep waiting for him to do it in a cup if I ever get a positive on my OPKs.

So that was about the gist of it all. I took my last Clomid pill yesterday. Hoping I didn't start taking it too late in the cycle. I didn't particularly feel any side-effects, but today I started having hot flashes which is a known side-effect of the drug. Alex says it must be a delayed effect. I normally am a cold-natured person. The house could be 78* and I could be wearing warm comfy pajamas while wrapped in an electric blanket and be just fine. The past couple days though I have been burning up, just sweating and generally out of nowhere. 

Other than that, all is well here. I have not gotten a positive yet, but I'm staying positive despite that fact. I also learned that Freya is a goddess of fertility (amongst other things). She is the one I like to thank for Friday as it is her namesake. That made me extra happy to be thanking her. Every little bit helps. :)

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