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Monday, October 11, 2010

New Favorite Quote!

Last night, while laying in bed, I was playing sudoku and Alex was watching a video blog (both on our respective Droid Xs). I wasn't paying any attention to what he was watching, but a line caught my ear. It was a sentence so true that once I heard it all I could do was replay it over and over in my head, giggling  and reveling in it's truth.

It actually replaced my all time favorite quote, one that has been my favorite for years. My original favorite was from a "Rose is Rose" comic. It was, "Why do people give the label of love to tedious feelings of obligation and duty, yet dismiss the most electrifying infatuation as trivial?" It was a quote that held much relevance for me as I tried to sort out love and infatuation in my life. I managed the near-impossible though.  I am in love with the person I'm infatuated with. So I guess the time for a new quote with more relevance was at hand.

Pat Condell was the deliverer. I had never heard of him. I only know his name now because I asked Alex who was speaking. I wanted to be able to give him credit. I'm sure this will be my favorite quote for many years to come. He deserves to be noted.

As any of you who read my blog know, Christianity just rubs me the wrong way. (Insert your own catholic priest joke here.) It seems to be a religion full of so much dogma and hypocrisy that it cannot even keep its own fairy-tales straight. Living a "because I said so" life and doing so unquestioningly is just not something I can do. Enter Pat's quote: "Christianity is too high a price to pay for eternal salvation."

Can I get an "amen"?  :-/  No?

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