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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anniversary Day!

Yesterday, was the one year mark for Alex and I. We started off the day with a yummy breakfast at IHOP and ran a few errands (things still need to be taken care of after all). Then we headed to Knoxville. We walked around the mall a bit, ran another errand, had a light lunch and then went to Spa Visage. 

It was as nice as always upon walking in. I was lead to the changing room and Bryan was taken to the guys' area. We met up in the Gathering Room. The Gathering Room is a cozy little room with dim lights, soft music playing, a few seats, lots of reading material, and a TV showing different scenic views. They also have water, mints, trail mix, and hot water and tea bags available in the room. It's just a nice place to calm yourself and get into the relaxed state of mine prior to whatever treatment you have booked. We were in the room for quite a while before our masseuses came to get us. We were led to separate rooms which was not what we had booked. I asked about this and my masseuse, Kay-kay, said they could set up the big room quickly if that's what we wanted. I had her ask Alex. He wanted the other room so we were led back to the Gathering Room for a short wait. When we were led into the Couple's Sanctuary, I was so happy Alex had insisted on it. It was huge compared to the normal rooms. There was a small sitting area and two massage tables set up on the other side of the room. Three of the walls were completely mirrored. One of the walls was framed by a large rosy pink drape that went all the way up to above the end of the tables. Candles were lit around the room. It was just gorgeous. 

They left to let us disrobe and get on our tables. The massages were great. My girl used a bit too much pressure in some places, but it was generally good. The very top of my back, right below my neck is incredibly sore today, but that has happened every time I get a massage. I think from now on I will just ask the masseuse to steer clear of that area. After the hour was up, they left and said they would be waiting right outside the door. When we got our robes on and stepped out, they were there holding glasses of water for us. It really feels so nice to be pampered like that.

We got dressed and I went to wait for my express manicure. The manicurist was Thahn and she was great. Not a whole lot to it, just the traditional manicure which is what I was expecting. After a quick sit under the nail dryer I was led to the esthetics area for my eyebrow wax. Kimberly was my waxer and she was great, as well. She mentioned that she had permanent eyeliner, which I so badly want, so she gave me the info of where she had it done at. I hope I can get that someday soon. After that, we paid our tab and headed out. We ran by the mall again to get my make-up fixed. I was going to have it done at Sephora, but the short wait an employee told us about turned into a long wait so we went down to Belk to the MAC section. A girl named Amanda did my make-up and she did it wonderfully. It turns out that I actually knew of her from a guy I had talked to online years ago. When she said her name, it just clicked. I asked if she had dated a guy named Mike or Michael and she said that she had married a guy named Michael. So that was kinda cool. I haven't talked to him in forever so I was glad to hear his life was going well. After she was done, I bought some foundation and concealer and we headed to Misaki's.

The food was great, as always, but I didn't like their white sauce. It had a slight kick to it that I didn't care for. After dinner, we went to the Pinnacle and watched "Dinner for Schmucks." It was honestly one of the best comedies I have seen in a while. I was laughing out loud through most of the movie. It was great. I have always been a fan of Paul Rudd and Steve Carell and this was just an excellent reason why. 

It was late at that point so we came home. The day had been great and we were both exhausted. It was a good anniversary. So here's to a year of Sevier life as a happy couple!

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