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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My first post. Yay! Guess we will see how this goes. My blog will generally be about my life in Sevier County, Tennessee. As a note, some names may have been changed.

Sevier County is a well-known tourist trap. Home to Dolly Parton and her namesake, Dollywood. Lots of shows and attractions in our area. People come from all over the world, putting their lives on the back-burner, to spend their vacation time here in the Smokies. Of course, for those of us who live here life just keeps on going.

A little background on me: I’m late twenties, childless, and engaged. I work at a local tourist attraction. It’s not bad work. I have some issues with my place of employment, but then again I think most people do. Money is alright and I meet a lot of really cool people. I meet assholes, too, but thankfully they are few and far between. :)

It’s tax-free weekend so my fiance (Alex) and I have spent the weekend here at the house. I have no desire to get out and tangle with the giant-purse-toting soccer moms as they claw and bite their way through to the last of the half-off school supplies.

Next weekend though, we will be celebrating our anniversary. I’m super-excited to have reached this milestone with my man. We will be taking a short vacation and that in itself will be quite a blessing…assuming we can keep work from calling him non-stop. We have bounced back and forth a thousand times on what we wanted to do with the time. We talked about Vegas, renting a cabin here, Florida, Biltmore, relaxing at the spa…we decided on the spa. We’re going in for a couple’s Swedish Massage at Spa Visage in Knoxville. I have been there quite a few times over the past few years and have only had one experience that wasn’t exceptional (the one wasn’t a bad experience per se, just was rushed and not up to the standard of care I am used to receiving when there). Then we’re going to the Hibachi place on Kingston Pike that’s so nice. And then we’ll be off to catch whatever movie we decide to see. It will be such an enjoyable evening. I’m hoping to finagle in some extra amenities at Spa Visage (mani/pedi) if Alex is feeling generous. Guess I’ll see.

I guess this will suffice for a first post. I will try to keep you updated with more posts about Sevier Life. :)

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