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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Thanks to Chris Brogan at for this topic.

Guilty pleasures. We all have one or two or three or dozens. A quick Google search for a definition brought up its Wikipedia page. It says, "A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. Often the "guilt" involved is simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, rather then actual moral guilt." So I have decided to face my fears head on and share of a few my guilty pleasures.

Guilty Pleasure #1: McDonald's Mocha Frappe - Drowning is a fear of mine. However, if I drowned in a Mocha Frappe, it would be such a happy death. Due to my diet, I limit myself to one a week at the most. As with most things, if it tastes that damn good, it cannot be good for you.

Guilty Pleasure #2: Sun Tan City's VersaSpa Tan - It's true that tan skin is simply damaged skin, but let's face it; Hollywood has made it a desirable look. Even though it's an unhealthy thing, being tan just looks good. We're all raised thinking that. Rather then roast myself and increase my cancer odds, I go for the VersaSpa Spray Tan. It gives me that oh-so-desirable color with no of the harmful side effects. There is also no blotchiness, no streaking, and no orange color. Nothing but a perfect tan that lasts a good two weeks.

Guilty Pleasure #3: Talking to James - James is a friend of mine that I often go to for advice. He is quite knowledgeable on many topics, He's also quite attractive and quite interested in laying me down by the fire, if you know what I mean. Don't worry. Alex is aware of James's presence in my life. Since he has complete trust in me, he finds the James's advances rather amusing. I also think he likes knowing  he has what other guys want. This is definitely a guilty pleasure since I spur him on at times because I do so enjoy the comments.

Guilty Pleasure #4: Spa Visage Massages - The pleasure part here is obvious. The guilty part is the the hit my wallet takes. Money that could probably be spent on other things. While the atmosphere is perfect and I have never had a bad experience there, the prices are high enough to have me considering other spas. However, so far I haven't been willing to risk the pleasure to lessen the guilt.

Guilty Pleasure #5: Weekend at a cabin - One of the perks of living in Sevier County is the abundance of cabins. Cabins galore! Whatever your preference of amenities, whatever your budget, there will be a cabin that will be perfect. It makes for a great mini-vacation. Whenever we want a bit of time away from the monotony of life, a short trip in a different environment is just the thing to revitalize.

So those are five of my guilty pleasures. Little things that put a smile on my face, but leave me thinking twice at times. Ah, but such is Sevier Life.

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