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Friday, August 13, 2010

Emo and Scene

I really like the emo look. Multiple colors, crazy layers and height, eyes ringed with black making them totally pop. However, because of work I haven't been able to try most of that. I've been thinking about going ahead and doing it anyway though. I'm really wanting to the bright blond hair with pink streaks or chunks or under layer or something. I don't like doing the teasing thing to get my hair to stand up though. I am anal about knots in my hair. All my life, my hair has been my favorite thing about me and I've always kept it neat. So teasing it goes completely against my nature! I also want to do the emo eyeliner. The only problem with that plan is that I suck at eyeliner. I can't do a descent normal line, let alone a perfect ring around the entire eye that leaves a cat-like appearance. For some reason, whenever I do my lower lash line it's like my lashes get in the way. There's bunches of little blank spots in my line. When I try to fill those blank spots I just get eyeliner blotches. It's horrible. 

Anyways, I was trying to find tips on how to correctly apply the eyeliner and came across another blog that covered all hair and make-up aspects of emo fashion. Emo Style  It was quite informative and I totally enjoyed the pictures. My eye was caught by a line at the bottom of the page though. It reads, "All in all, emo is all about looking good and following the latest trends." This totally confused me. I was under the impression that emo was all about being very emotional and/or moody and dark. So either emo is just another way of being popular or it has morphed into a word with dual meanings: emo as I know it and emo meaning fashion. I just couldn't help, but find the line amusing.

Of course, now I find that the term is "scene hair" and "scene make-up." I'm not sure why. Not sure what "scene" is being referred to. However, I'm all for it. I love the look. I practiced with my eyeliner tonight and will keep practicing til I get it right or give up in utter defeat. I have a lovely chunk or pink on my right side of my hair and a purple streak on my left. I love it. I look good with pink hair if I do say so myself. Maybe someday I will get my wish.

I wonder how well that would set with the rest of the people living Sevier Life.

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