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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Work, Planning, and Cedar

Got to work a bit late today. It took me forever to decide to get out of bed. Then getting ready took forever due to my constant laughter thanks to the Marc, Kim, and Frank Show on Star 102.1FM. The stories about the epic job quittings were great! By the way, for those of you who don't know, Frank Murphy has his own blog that makes for an interesting read. It's listed in my blog links, or just go to

I managed to get lots done at work today and even managed to spend some time thinking about new things to write for you all on later dates. I got lots of planning done. Spoke to the vet about when to schedule an appointment for vaccines for my puppy. Made the appointment at Spa Visage for Alex and I (added the Express Manicure for me). Decided if I'm going to comment on tourist attractions I need to see one of the gems of our county, Dixie Stampede. I've been dozens of times, but they supposedly have a new show this year and I have yet to see it. So I made reservations for Friday the 13th. I am so looking forward to that good food.

We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home and picked up one of those giant bags of cedar shavings. I heard that cedar keeps fleas away so I dumped a bunch around my front and back porch. I love the smell of cedar, by the way. Makes me wish I had a cedar chest for storage or something. Cedar, by the way, is NOT what you should use in cages of small animals. That is originally what it was sold for, but it is well-known for causing respiratory problems in small animals. Actually, according to this article, Cedar And Pine Shavings: Problems and Toxicity, it can also cause "dramatic changes in liver enzymes on animals."  So make sure to use something safe for your little ones.

Have a great night and an enlightened new day on the morrow! 

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