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Monday, August 9, 2010


Today was a fairly calm day at work. I had a couple things happen that got my feathers ruffled, but I just took a breath and let it go. Pointing out the problem and trying to fix it does not work. The powers that be do not want the problem fixed. To get it fixed would be to admit there was a problem at all and we can't have that. So if I say anything about a problem I am just wasting my breath and sounding like a complainer. Those in charge are supposed to "lead by example" so I am trying to follow their example and not care. It's just hard sometimes when you know something is an easy fix, but you can't get the support to make the fix happen. Oh, well.

Alex and I went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse in Governor's Crossing in Sevierville after work. I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal there. They had a special going on where a 10oz Rib-eye with two sides was only $10.99, five dollars cheaper than their menu. So that's what I had and Alex had the full rack of ribs. We both had leftovers to take home and were satisfied over all. The wait staff do have a tendency to line dance to certain songs though. I guess that's okay. It definitely kept children at the next table entertained, but for me it was somewhat distracting. If I wanted dinner and dancing I would have went to Black Bear Jamboree (excellent show by the way). When I'm at restaurant, I want normal restaurant atmosphere with the wait staff doing their job, talking up their tables, earning a tip through their work, not their ability to remember all the steps to "Watermelon Crawl." Still love the restaurant anyways. The food is worth putting up with the stomping and clapping every other song.

At the moment, Alex is playing Oblivion. We got the game for me and I recently got him to play, as well. Later, either I will be playing or we will be watching an episode of Alias. Remember that show? Jennifer Garner played a double agent for the CIA. The show also features Greg Grunberg and David Anders who both later played in Heroes. We just recently finished watching Heroes and was sad to here it would not be back for more seasons. Anyways, I had seen Alias back in the day and knew Alex would like it so we're now going through the series via Netflix. So, for now, I look forward to the next day of my Sevier Life.

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