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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kids and Pets

To kill some time, I was looking at some craigslist pet ads. I have noticed more than one person is giving away their pets because of an impending baby. One person was giving away two young kittens because she was pregnant. That was the extent of the excuse.

Being pregnant is not a sufficient excuse to give away your pets, at least in my opinion. You made a conscious choice to bring the animal(s) into your home. Whether you were planning on having a baby or whether it was a surprise, you made a promise to a being that shows unconditional love.
I don't even understand what is so difficult about being pregnant and/or raising a child around pets. Maybe it's because I've never been pregnant, but apparently neither have the craigslist people. If so, they wouldn't have pets to give away. I have six pets myself: three dogs, two cats, and a bird. I am also trying to get pregnant. When the wonderful day finally happens that I can say I am with child, my pets have nothing to fear. This is their forever home. I didn't get them just to while away the time until something else came along. They will get just as much love when a baby is in the house as they do now, even more because our child will grow up learning to respect pets and to love them just like we do.

 If a person is not sufficiently capable of providing a pet a loving, forever home then maybe they shouldn't be having a child. Just my thoughts.

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