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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review of "The Expendables"

Last night, Alex and I went to see "The Expendables." I was very disappointed in this movie. I had not actually seen a preview for the movie. If I had, I might have not gone. All I saw beforehand was a cardboard prop in the lobby of the Pinnacle that had the pictures of all the action stars who were in it. Considering the fact that there were so many action guys shoved into one film it was ridiculous, I honestly was expecting more of a parody of action movies. No one movie in particular, just the genre as a whole. I was wrong. It's strictly action. Any comedy in the film is brief and not well done. Aside from that, it seemed to take a while to get going. The whole opening scene made me wonder if any of the movie was going to take place in daylight. You are literally half way through the movie before the plot is revealed. Actually, revealed is not the right word. It's not like you get it through what's going on. It's stated. Literally. Like at that point, Stallone could have said, "The plot is...," and then proceeded with his lines. 

The second half was pure action. There was fighting that looked like it could have been cool, but it was so sped up that I couldn't always make out what was happening. The last ten minutes of the movie before the five minute close was nothing but explosions. I was so bored by it at that point. There was no more acting, just explosions. I have an issue with the leading lady, too. I don't think she was pretty enough to be playing the spirited but helpless maiden who needed to be rescued by the big, strong men. I just wasn't seeing it. My last issue is Bruce Willis. I feel I was mislead. He had nothing but a bit part. He should have had a much bigger role. I think the comedy would have come into play more if he had been a major character. He's a master of mixing the genres. I guess I will just have to wait til "RED" comes out to see what I was hoping to have seen last night.

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