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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wedding Planning Is On!

Alex and I had postponed a lot of our wedding planning due to some unforeseen financial problems. We've pushed the wedding date back to next summer though so planning is back on. We had planned a "Winter Wonderland" wedding, but since we changed the date to next summer we had to change the theme. We decided to just drop the "winter" part and have a "Wonderland" wedding, as in "Alice In..."

For research I watched the original cartoon and the new Tim Burton version. I took some notes and came out with more thoughts than I know what to do with. There are even themes within the theme of "Wonderland." There's the two queens, the tea party, the many color schemes. It's over-whelming really. Whenever I think I have decided on something I change my mind the next moment. 

There's a lot to it and I can't find a dress I like. Actually, I have found a couple, but they do not exist. What I mean by that is while there are pictures of these dresses, I cannot find them to buy anywhere. It's quite frustrating. One of the dresses is actually a Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding dress so it's perfect, but I cannot find it to buy. 

This is the dress I was talking about. The other is a lovely, simple Vera Wang. Here is its picture:
So if anyone comes across either of these for sale, please share the info! :)

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