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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cake for the Pity Party!

Today started off pretty well and I have faith that it will end well. Unfortunately, for the moment, it's not that great. I've been having a little pity party and I even have the cake to go with it.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these kinds of moments in life. Something bad occurs and is immediately followed by your mind being flooded with all the bad occurrences of the past few days/weeks/months/whatever. I hate it because I know I don't need to feel this way. I have more than many people and I have a lot for which I'm thankful. Sometimes though it's like my mind turns off its logical center and demands to be selfish and stamp it's foot in a bratty, child-like manner. {sigh}
So I figured I would write it out. All ready I feel better. It may be because I have music playing again. I've had music playing all day, but then I watched a movie. After the movie I went and got in the shower. The house remained quiet and that's when I started thinking.

See, today is a gorgeous, beautiful day! Absolutely superb! Well done, Mother Nature! Today is my day off so I get to enjoy it. It's also Alex's day off. However, Alex is not here. He is at the same place he has been since about 8:00am, work. Before he left, he said he may get to leave earlier than usual. I realize "may" implies only a possibility, but as I was watching the movie he e-mailed me saying he wasn't going to get to leave until the normal time. Forty-five minutes later he says he might slip out at 3:30pm. That's great! Ten til four he sends me an e-mail showing what he has left to do. So not only is he not leaving earlier then normal, he's leaving later then normal. 

Since I had spent the whole day by myself I was totally bummed out. From there it just snowballed. (I hate his job; he's always letting himself get walked over and jumps the second they say. I am childless. People around me are having kids and/or getting more kids. Fair share of children is not currently happening in my life. My friends all live forever away from me. Totally alone, blah, blah, blah.) It's just a bunch of little things that culminate.

Alex is finally home. So I'm feeling a little better. He finds the Android cake as funny as I do. It was such a disaster. {sigh} But as I told my cousin, it's the attempt that matters. I may or may not attempt that again in the future.

I watched "The Proposal" today. Yeah, I know I am behind the times. I liked it. It didn't have me totally laughing out loud, but I did have the occasional chuckle. Of course, in my state, I ended up in tears a couple times. Actually, before I watched "The Proposal", I watched the end of "Planet 51." I had started it one day and didn't get to finish it. I had tears well up watching the end of that! Perhaps I need to take Kim Hansard's advice and get my hormones checked. Ha!

Off to finish my Saturday!

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