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Friday, September 10, 2010

"Life Is An Illusion"

There is a quote that I love very much and at times like this it can be quite comforting.

As she stood before the firing squad:

"Life is an illusion."
-Mata Hari

Such a simple sentence provokes so much into my mind. The most important at the moment though is simply that death is not the end. Death is the beginning. I imagine that the illusion is removed and you can see all. You can see the world in it's beauty and see how you were never alone. In life, you may have hit the ground, felt like you would never be able to get back up, but there was always someone there to help you up. You just couldn't see them. Angels, spirits, whatever you chose to call them it doesn't matter. They were there and you will be able to see them after the illusion of life is removed. My grandparents are no longer in the illusion. They are seeing the true beauty and they will be the ones picking me up whenever I hit the ground and can't find the strength to rise. I just won't be able to see them. Whenever I'm up again though, I will remember to thank them.

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