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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Walk In the Park

Mom called today and told me about the funeral arrangements for Papaw. She said she would totally understand if I didn't want to go. Honestly, I didn't. I just don't feel the need to go there and see what I spent all yesterday crying about. It will be a lovely service with tons of people there. Papaw was a business man who knew most everyone in his area. I think I would rather just visit the grave at a later date. Mom said that was fine. 

On to other things..
Last night, we slept with the window open since the weather was so nice. I opened the window after our light had been turned off. It wasn't until this morning, when I went to close the window that I found out there was no screen in the window. Luckily, I had kept the blinds closed and a black out curtain over that. Those things coupled with no lights in the room or anywhere near the window kept us from being invaded by bugs. I have no idea why there is no screen there. There's screens everywhere else...kinda makes me wonder.

Alex and I went for a walk today. We decided to walk from the house to the end of our street, about .8 of a mile away. As we started walking, I listed the things I had with me. There was my cell phone, chapstick, house keys, and my butterfly knife. Alex was a bit surprised by the last one and asked why I brought it. Told him it was just in case we got attacked by a bear or a dog. Incredulous, he asked, "You're gonna stab a dog?" It was a fair question as I'm an animal lover and feel a lot of empathy towards all creatures, but it's like I told him, "If a dog attacks me, yeah, I'll stab it." I would feel bad about it, but I'm not going to just let it attack me.

Towards the end of the road, a large hound dog came running down off the porch of one of the houses. He was barking, growling, and  not acting friendly. I asked Alex if he was glad I brought me knife. He was. The hound didn't leave the yard though, just stood at the edge and barked at us. Maybe he had one of those invisible fences. I've heard they work well and he definitely didn't seem interested in coming down to the road and approaching us. I don't doubt that would have been different had we stepped into the yard. We passed without harm and on the way back we didn't even see the dog.

We did meet a second dog, a little maltese that I've seen around. He came running out like the hound, barking, growling, generally appearing as vicious as a maltese can, which is just short of adorable. He actually came up to me and sniffed my shoe before running away, barking like mad again. He followed us til we got a bit past his house and he turned and went back home. 

It was a nice walk, but the cold, cold shower afterwards was the best part. I look forward to doing it again.

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