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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun World?

I was reading a fun magazine yesterday. Literally. The magazine is called "Funworld." It covers news, trends, events, etc., in the world of Family Entertainment Centers (FECs), amusement parks, and attraction design. Every time I read an issue it causes me to take an objective look at the tourist hot-spot in which I work.
It's true that the ruling company of where I work is a veritable powerhouse in it's industry and all of it's smaller branches rule in their local markets. However, after seeing all the advancement in the technology of the entertainment industry, I can't help but see that our particular location is severely lacking. Even with our recent addition, nice and people attracting as it is, there is little to set it apart from similar attractions all over the world.

While I'm sure our location never needs to fear closing down, I believe it will see a decline in business as the world continues to move ahead while we idle, unchanging, consistently behind in the times. This business is the type that needs to be able to expand, as well. The physical location makes that almost, if not entirely, impossible. The recent addition, for example, was not an expansion. It was a remodeling of a pre-existing part of the building. With that exception, the place is the same as it was when I first visited it years ago.

There is no technological advances on display that would astound our average visitor (especially if they have been to some of our competitors who are making leaps and bounds in the right direction). We have a total of five interactive areas. Three of the areas take less than three minutes each to get through. The interaction does not involve touchscreens, computers, or anything along that line. It's all handle-lifting, wheel-turning, and button-pushing with a mediocre resulting action.

How is a business supposed to keep attracting visitors when the business itself cannot even stay up with the times? It's a sad thought. 

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