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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Girls' Night Out!

Last night was a most excellent night! Myself and three of my friends went to the Einstein Simplified show at The Square Room in Knoxville. After everything I have been going through, it was nice to push all that stuff to the back of my mind and just have fun! 

I picked B up around 6:45pm. I had planned on being there at 6:30 so I should have known I would not make it before 6:45. I'm honestly not sure if we've seen each other in the last year. So it was nice to catch up on so much. We headed to Alcoa to get A. We got there almost right at 7:30pm, maybe a bit after. She and I talk via text and FB on a regular basis, but it had been a while since I saw her, as well. The last time was after a surgery she had and that was a few months ago now. We said goodbye to her hubby and kids and then headed to Knoxville. 

It didn't occur to me until I was in Knoxville that I have never found Market Square on my own. There has always been someone with me or I've been following someone or had someone on the phone telling me where to turn. Neither B nor A knew how to get there either. However, I have an amazingly photographic mind. Since Alex and I had just went early in the month I was able to match up what I was seeing and doing with what I had done before. I did end up on the wrong side of Market Square, but that was easily solved. I was just excited that I did find it.
Once there, the three of us went searching for The Square Room. There was a great vintage clothing shop on the Square that A wanted me to see. I believe it was called Reruns. I have been on a vintage kick here recently thanks to wedding planning. We stopped in at Coffee and Chocolate to ask where we should go. The nice person inside directed us down an alley that led us right up to The Square Room. 

Outside, we waited for J, whom I have not seen in flipping forever. She and I had been the closest friends for quite some time so it was definitely great to see her again. The fact that I had all three of these great, amazing, wonderful ladies with me just made my night. I forgot how much fun it is to hang out with the girls. I really had.

Since we were all there, we headed inside and found ourselves a nice table. We talked about all kinds of things, just generally catching up on our lives, telling anecdotes, and drooling over the occasional guy (there's no harm in looking).

The show got started a little after 9:00pm. We were all set and ready until the emcee of the night asked our table for a sentence and we all apparently went blank. I talked to B about that on the way home. She had the same issue I did. As soon as he said, "that is not a question," there was nothing but questions in my mind! Luckily for the performers, he moved on and didn't come back to us often. We still had a great time though! They had us totally cracking up all night.

After the show, A went up to talk to one of the performers she knew. She mentioned he had worked with her hubby and I totally remembered him when she said that. He and his fiancee had been at her hubby's birthday party the year before last when I had went. That had been a great night for many reasons. 

Anyways, from there we headed back to the parking garage and said goodbye to J. Then we headed back to A's. She wanted to show all the changes they have been making to their house so B and I went in for a bit, took a look around, and did some chatting. I think it was around midnight when we left because by time I got to B's place it was almost one in the morning.

When I got home, I was quite tired. I generally get up at six thirty in the morning and never get to bed later than ten thirty. A had texted me to make sure I got home and I told her how I was not use to staying up that late anymore. She jokingly said we were getting old. I told her we were, but that it was a good thing.

I went to send out a big thank you to my girls for coming out with me last night. It was so much fun and I love you all so very much! And, as each of you told me, yes, we will have to do it again very soon!

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