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Monday, September 13, 2010

Restaurant Reviews x 2!

There's not been a whole lot going on lately. Just a few things to mention.

Thursday, Alex and I went to The Blue Moose in Pigeon Forge. It's a great little place with the "sports bar" theme going on. TVs line the walls along with random sports memorabilia and moose heads. It's a small place, very cozy, with a great atmosphere. My friends and I use to go there all the time. It was always fun.

As far as food goes, the first thing to mention is, of course, their Poker Chips (fried pickle chips). They are amazing! Back in the day, the thought of a fried pickle disgusted me. Blue Moose's Poker Chips were the first fried pickles I tried and remain my favorite.

Usually, I order the Bad Dog, a sinful, heart-attack inducing creation. It's a plump hot dog wrapped in bacon and covered in cheese and sauteed onions. So bad, but soooo good. I wanted to try something different though so I went with their Swiss Mushroom Melt. I was given a choice of fries or onion rings. I'm picky about onion rings so I chose fries. It was good. Nothing spectacular, but good nonetheless. 

Alex had decided to try the Bad Dog since I always say how good it is. However, not being a fan of onions he didn't care all that much for it. He ordered onion rings (I know. Go figure.) and barely touched them. So not a lot to say about his food.

Friday, we went to my most favoritest place to eat in the whole wide world, Little Tokyo. Not once, ever, have I had an non-enjoyable experience or a bad meal there. I have read reviews from some of the tourists who have come across the place and many say it's a hidden gem of the area. I have to agree. I had the Steak and Chicken and Alex had the Steak and Shrimp. Both of us had no complaints. The best thing about Little Tokyo is that you get two meals in one. There's always leftovers so the price is well worth it. :)

Well, that's all for restaurant reviews.

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